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Question about stacking and received ada on Yoroi/Ledger

Hi, Thank you for the previous help you all gave me. Really appreciated ! I have another bunch of "stupid" question and I can't find my answer exactly. I see that I can connect to my Yoroi wallet even if the ledger is not connected. I can also still receive ada without plugin my ledger to my computer. Is that normal ? Am I not supposed to plug the ledger (even to receive Ada). I know the ada are on the blockchain but I struggle to understand. My other question concern the staking. I saw a tutorial to do it, it's quite easy but what happen if the pool disappear for whatever reason, do we have to go back to Yoroi (monthly/after each epoq?) or can we just let the ada sleep on Yoroi/Ledger. Im really concern about the ledger/yoroi security.. Many thanks for your help ! Best
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