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Question about possible Bitcoin Outflow Public Notification Project created on Cardano....

...similar or better than Cryptoquant Database where you can be notified of large Bitcoin Outflow. For example that recent F2Pool mining pool dumping over 32K+ of Bitcoins (Feb 21-27) the notification could also be created on Cardano to notify us when/if Cryptoquant goes down or "delayed" by TPTB if they decide to shut them down. Could it be possible for someone to create a side project on Cardano for notifications direct to our phones when a large Bitcoin Outflow occurs? If mining pools dont like the public info of Bitcoin, and they keep trying to hide it, they could start attacking smaller companies like Cryptoquant, but if its on Cardano, that would help secure the info that way wouldnt it? Same if other companies/networks decide to set it up as well. One gets taken down, another can be built right back up, but for more secured and real time, could someone dabbling in Cardano create something like this? If not, then I can ask other Blockchain Networks if they would like to, or can do something like that.? Just asking.
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