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"Potential Rewards" Staking Pool Question (newbie)

Hello! I have a quick question regarding the potential rewards portion of the staking pool details on Daedalus. I've only used ADALite as that was what my Trezor defaulted to, recently I downloaded and synced up Daedalus. On ADALite, I have been staked in a very small pool that claims to donate their rewards to children's education and I liked the moral incentive regarding that pool. Now on Daedalus, the details claim that the pool I've been staked in has 0.00000 potential rewards, but in the past two epochs I've been rewarded like .07### ADA. Other, bigger pools have like .6 potential ADA rewards, yet my current one says none despite me earning rewards (not much as I don't own that much ADA). Really hope someone can clear this up for me as I am a bit confused, I only downloaded and synced up Daedalus three days ago. Is there any drawback to staking with a pool with extremely low or extremely high saturation (other than a more centralized pool I guess)? Thank whoever in advance for any clarification! Please inform me if this post doesn't belong here and I'll repost in the right sub.
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