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Please, someone develop the OnlyFans equivalent on the Cardano blockchain.

In case you haven't been on reddit in the past 12 hours, we all know that OnlyFans is blocking its porn content. I can't imagine why, as I assume that is where 90% of its profit comes from. I guess there's going to be a huge explosion of amateur models on PornHub now. I digress. As sad and lonely as everyone on OnlyFans may be, this is a great opportunity to bring millions of people into the Cardano space, and for some lucky developer to become filthy rich. Though I personally don't know how to make an app or dapp, I can sit on the toilet and take a mean crap. So, one of you computer geniuses get to work and have this shit ready for the smart contacts release! You've got less than a month, so you better hustle! Edit: To everyone suggesting cumrocket or whatever the fuck, this post is not about pornography. It's about bringing people into the Cardano environment through porn. Big difference. Not looking for suggestions on how to pay amateurs. I'm suggesting a developer make something ON THE CARDANO BLOCKCHAIN. Which is why I posted it on r/cardano. Thanks.
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