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Physical Wallet Files Stored Where on Mac ?

The Daedalus data directory appears to be: **\~/library/application support/daedalus** The contents look like this when the program is *not* running: ​ I'd like to temporarily move the folders containing my wallet off my laptop while its in the hands of Apple tech support, and then copy them back when I receive the laptop back. Clearly I could delete Daedalus altogether and then restore from my seed phrase when I get the machine back, but I'd like to the avoid the ridiculously long sync'ing process if possible. My goal is to move *just* the wallet files off the drive, not the whole 8gb blockchain. **I'm guessing I want Wallet-1.0-acid, Wallet-1.0-sqllite, and Secrets-1.0. Any others?** Thanks for the info. Sorry for the novice nature of the question. I'm not tech savvy.
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