Online interactions with Cardano critics, haters, and other combatants.

self.cardano3y ago
There was an old saying my mother used to tell me from time to time. It went something like; *“It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to stir up shit, or un-stir it, you’re going to end up stinking.”* I think this applies to some of the arguments I see on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Someone tries to attack Cardano (or Charles), and people respond, retaliate, etc. Usually this battle goes back and forth for awhile, and then at some point it just sort of stops. And although depending on your understanding of the topic or facts, or (more importantly) your camp, you may feel like the victor in one of these arguments is clear, the real truth is that nobody wins, and everybody loses. But we have *more* to lose. The vast majority of people who see this happening have no idea what is going on. Not really. They know very little about the technical achievements and strides we are making. At Christmas (in 2017) their nephew probably tried to explain Blockchain to them, and they have been seeing a “bloodbath” ever since. A much smaller group who see these little skirmishes may have a better understanding of what is being argued, however they already have their mind made up about who is right and who is wrong, because their flag has already been firmly planted on one side or the other. I completely understand the feeling that we need to defend our hard work, achievements, and beliefs against attacks, especially when they are unprovoked and unsubstantiated. But this must be done with the utmost caution and tact. There are too many ways to win an argument online and still lose at the same time. We must win with facts and wit, and at no point appear to flail or fluster. We must remember that, at some point we will want mature, responsible, cautious “old” money to come into the space and join us. It is the responsibility of us all to choose our battles, and more importantly, fight them carefully, as to not appear foolish. Everything we say can and will be used against us. Many of our attackers (with more on the way) understand that if we can be sufficiently provoked, it matters not *what we actually say*, we will probably end up looking like shit, or at least smelling like it.