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On the eve of d = .5, goguen ...

Some key notes on messaging for the community before the whole crypto community and more explores Cardano ... (1) Africa and developing world - as CH has stated, Cardano is a global financial operating system for the world to use, not just crazy defi devs. \~ 50% of world cannot get access to capital markets, financial system and this just may be the way they do it. (2) China - the CF or IOG should have a significant presence or marketing base in China with an Africa centric theme. It is no secret that Chinese enterprise is making very significant investments in China as far as natural resources, currency, etc. Contacts in Africa have stated that they are already using chinese dollars aka RMB in Africa. Generally speaking, companies/projects that have a China focus and draw liquidity from both the West and East get significant premiums on valuation as its well known that China GDP per capita is ever increasing, which then makes its way back west and western investors then factor in the giant growing market that is China. I've seen this occur many times with many stocks, private company valuations and even cryptos. (3) Defi \--Uniswap users vs. Cardano users - currently Uniswap has \~ 20,000 DAU, which is not a tremendous amount. There should be a metric in which Cardano can compare to this and show potential to overtake it. I think CH mentioned the Georgia deal should have 50k DAU? Would be nice to project this out and what other countries are in the pipeline ... \--Ethereum defi hacks are growing and auditors are getting more and more $. The formal methods nature of Cardano should be advertised that the base protocol is hack proof with documentation to back it up. Additionally, if theres documentation for hte Goguen smart contracts to deploy DeFi contracts that are hack proof, that should be pumped as well. \--Stablecoins - CH mentioned there are a few deals in the works. This is the #1 use case for crypto thus far. The more stablecoins to cardano ...
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Throughout 2020, the Cardano Foundation's Integrations Team has been working with Scantrust to develop a transactional metadata connector, which would use the Cardano blockchain as a public audit plat...