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#nowthatcardano - An Open Letter to the Cardano Community

Right now, Cardano is taking crypto mainstream. As members of the community, if we truly believe in this technology, it is our responsibility to realize its potential and to ensure that we include as many people as possible on this journey. As Cardano rolls out, what we as a community choose to make of it, what we choose to share with others, what we choose to emphasize when we talk about it, and how we choose to educate everyone, all the way to the margins, all of this will contribute to historic change.

I am practicing daily how to talk about Cardano with people who have minimal understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a thought exercise, I like to fill in these blanks in as many ways as I can:

“Now that ________, we _________.”

I encourage you to do the same. Here are a few examples to get you started, but I know that you’ve got better ideas than me:

Now that we have Cardano, we are ready to push power to the margins. Now that Shelley is launching, we have access to a decentralized blockchain that solves Bitcoin’s energy consumption problems. Now that decentralization is possible, we can tell the world!

When you’ve got a few favorites of your own, share them the Cardano community and then with the world. Over the next few weeks, let’s see if we can get #nowthatcardano trending.

Talk to you soon, James Dunseith Workshop Maybe

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