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Noob staking questions, i tried looking for answers in the other posts first

Hi guys. I'm not exactly new to Cardano but I have yet to decide how to stake my coins. Sorry to make another separate thread about staking, i know theres quite a few. I just wanted to be sure on a few things before i got started. I hear there is no risk staking to any pool -- the worst is that you make 0 gains from choosing a bad pool. Thats ok with me, for the most part, since i can delegate them to a different pool. I was wondering some of these things below before i had the confidence to begin staking: 1- Do any stake pools charge for you to be a part of them? 2- Do i stake all in one pool or do I split them into various pools? 3- How can I know which pools are best for me? Thank you EDIT: Thank you all for the wonderful responses! To ask further on question#2 -- aside from the logistics of more wallets, am I correct in assuming that the reason to divide up and stake in multiple pools is to test returns and see whats working best, plus it sounds like being a little proactive in moving your stake around every so often may yield best results to avoid saturated pools. Am I understanding correctly?
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