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New to Crypto entirely! - Confused about Staking?

Background: I've understood blockchain, and how Cardano blows ETH out the water. I know the differences between PoW and PoS, but a few things about choosing a pool gets confusing. A few brief questions: \- What is the most important aspect of choosing a pool? \- Big stake = big rewards? \- Too many people = over-saturated = Fewer rewards over time \- Fees? When I go to delegate on Yoroi, I see the fee (\~0%-6%), but on adapools I see a fixed fee too. Do I pay 340ADA upon entry? \- As I've just gotten into the game ((3 days ago) $$$), I don't have a lot of capital. If I understand the fee correctly, I should wait until 340 is more of a fraction of my total capital for entry to be worth it. What is the minimum recommended entry stake? 2000, 5000+? \- I want to deposit more, will I pay that 340 every time I delegate more (to the same pool)? ​ Thanks in advance!
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