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New subreddit for Cardano Tokens: r/cardanotokens

I've just created a new subreddit specifically for discussion about Cardano tokens. [r/cardanotokens]( is a great place to: - discuss Cardano tokens - ask for help creating a new token - promote a new token you've created through "free token giveaways" We will be monitoring the activities on this subreddit closely to weed out potential scammers. As always: - always use a hardware wallet to protect your secret/spend keys - don't send money to anyone you don't trust 100%
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Cardano Developed World Use Cases

Much attention has been garnered by Cardano's endeavors in the developing world such as the project with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. But, the use c...
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Key Points from Interview with IOHK CTO

0:00 Cardano Bull Run2:30 - Cardano vs Ethereum4:15 - Energy Consumption5:35 - Smart Contracts on CardanoArticle: