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My two ADA cents

Started getting Cardano end of 2020. My girlfriend was a few weeks away, I was bored, decided to get into crypto after watching news about bitcoin and ethereum for a year or so. After learning more I got interested in all kind of projects. The only (altcoin) projects that I thought it would really have practical value were mostly Cardano and VeChain by that time. Still loving both. Especially promoted Cardano to relatives, friends and colleagues. Some of them got into it too. I have to say I'm not that big of a tech dude. I don't understand (yet) all the details. So don't get me wrong with my next opinion: Cardano still doesn't have smart contracts and as I read and experienced the project sometimes asks for a lot of patience. The whole Africa thing seems great but to compete I dont see this as that big of a priority right now. I'll back this project with the money I can spare, even if it dips hard. But I also think we need to stop flying and get our feet in the ground. There are also other projects that are great, like NANO. I stick to Cardano but I'm just wondering.. What makes you guys so sure Cardano is here to stay? That it will be the better project? I'm really curious about other opinions. Edit: thanks for the great replies. Really appreciate to hear your opinions. And yes it should've been "my 2 lovelaces" I know...
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