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My personal initiative towards mass adoption: The Cardano e-commerce integration project

Welcome to the Cardano e-commerce integration project

This project aims to build Cardano integrations with Shopify and enable online shops and customers to exchange ADA for goods with 0 fees and commissions.

We are going to release and maintain an official Shopify app, which will be immediately accessible to more than 500,000 online businesses around the world. Our hope is to slowly introduce Cardano into this marketplace - which currently generates around 870K dollars per minute in sales.

In the interest of decentralization, more advanced users will be able to build and deploy this project to their own servers and run the Cardano integration app in their own stores, independently of the official app we are going to release.

Source code and documentation will start to flow on as soon as the SHOP pool starts generating rewards on the Cardano mainnet.

There is a lot of development to be done. Please come back and check this repository weekly to see what's happening.

In time, we will investigate how to enable integration with other online stores backed by other platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, etc once the Shopify app is ready for production.

"We are Cardano, and if you'll permit us, we'd like to change the world." -- Charles Hoskinson

This is just one of the many steps towards changing the world.

Supporting our project

As an open-source, not for profit initiative, we are looking for support from the community through:

stake pool delegation: simply delegate your ADA to our stake pool SHOP. Fees on rewards produced by the SHOP pool will be used to help financing the long term development and maintenance of this project, and others to come. sponsoring me here on github. direct donations, via: Paypal - just click ADA: on addr1qy77cfgccmcfe9h936qunl4u36hyrwryrmzj6duug9sm73tdd0sqyslnjxvce9syyw4ktnrh0n7ct60zrs29wnef3jqq202748 Bitcoin: on 3BcmUPTPfLDuYWWSBxGKkChkq5WMzC94J6 or even affiliate links: Coi...
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