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My personal flippening.

I currently hodl Cardana, Eth 2.0, Tezos, Algo, and Amp. Even though I don’t have a ton of money to invest, I still get excited by the little bit of rewards I get from each. My biggest hold and favorite is ADA. I will continue to DCA and believe in Cardano regardless of charts and price and people’s personal impression of CH, ect. — I just really like the tech, the vision, and the community the most. I just think it’s neat. Staking changed my life. It gave me a new purpose, a new sense of direction towards financial maturity. Now it’s hard for me to have money sitting in a savings account at all. The first point I want to make is that Cardano’s staking is incredibly easy and super satisfying, anyone can and should do it imo (but also DYOR, not financial advice). And not having it locked is the greatest feature imo — that freedom gives me reassurance of access to funds even if I have no need or intention of pulling out. *heh* Secondly, I don’t buy the whole “ETH killer” thing. Honestly the only time I see people mention this idea anyways is in cringey, sensationalized youtube videos and bad memes, but I never hear talk of it in sincerity. I believe the Cardano community as a whole, or at least those that haven’t just yolo’ed in, know that Ethereum and Cardano can and will continue to exist together. Is Ethereum going to flip Bitcoin? Is Cardano going to flip Ethereum? I don’t fucking care. Ethereum is awesome. Cardano is awesome. I will invest in both and I bet they will both continue to grow more than anything sitting in a savings account. So what is the flippening that I care about? I can’t wait for the moment, years from now perhaps, when my rewards from staking go from *oh, this little bit of extra money is nice, maybe I will put some fresh veggies or meat in my ramen tonight?* to *this will make a nice supplement to my mortgage payment this month.* The true flip for me will be working hard and investing bit by bit until my staking rewards read like a r...
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