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My first Catalyst proposal - Decentralized Launchpad with Governance

[]( ​ As we get ready for Gougen, I think having a standard for decentralized venture capital is very important so we can skip the scammy ICO phase of Cardano. The platform will allow any entrepeneur regardless of race, gender, location to create a token on the cardano ecosystem, raise funds in ada in exchange for tokens, automatically lock portions of the ada raised. The unlocking of the ada raised will happen through voting if the project shows promise or else will be discontinued etc.. this is similar to what []( is building right now on ethereum. ​ Hope you like the idea!
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Charles Hoskinson on Twitter

Glad to see Catalyst in the play store. With Cardano, you can vote with your phone!— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) October 24, 2020