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move from your crap-coin to Cardano. now

Serious, this short warning can be shared with all Cryptocurrency subreddits that have the same PoW style chain securing mechanism like Bitcoin. ETC is a example that got victim of chain splitting attacks with large amounts of hashpower coming from ASICS. Bitcoin-Cash and other similar chains will get hit more and more often. This old system from last decade is broken and the cause of this is the biggest leader of all this broken antiquated shitcoins, Bitcoin itself. As it gets harder and harder to mine Bitcoin, the ASICS get obsolete after new ones are out, with new nm-process so less energy consuming more efficient, big mining farms will point their machines to a other network and easily overwhelm them. After its done they can still go back continue mining Shitcoin or sell their ASICS or jump to a new chain, flip the switch and tsunami a other chain. It is no secret and we will see this more often to come soon. Their stupid ASICS - only there to do very stupid mining, nothing else, will become more and more obsolete and used for attacking weaker smaller networks! Got to Cardano: Proof of Stake: No wasting electricity, blazing fast transactions, thousand pools decentralization and you earn rewards passive through staking. Mining happens mostly in countries where electricity its cheapest possible and very dirty produced burning coal or nuclear. Also the ASICS-makers are located there and mine first for themselves to than sell this already used stupid computers. Do not wait till your chain is getting attacked. Move now - away from this insanity.
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