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Meet the Team of anetaBTC

In this article, we will discuss our weekly technical update and introduce you to our research and engineering team. For a summary of recent happenings at anetaBTC, please see the below announcements.

Announcements and Housecleaning The deadline for the Grace the Guardian NFT giveaway is tomorrow at 8:00 PM EST. Users may still participate in the giveaway here. The first Project Catalyst airdrop event has ended. The second Project Catalyst airdrop event is scheduled to begin on January 13th, 2022. The NETA Community Airdrop Fund (CAF) allocation is scheduled to be released on Monday, December 6th, 2021. This will also inform the community on how to participate in the CAF. If you haven’t already, here are the links to join Discord and Telegram. We’re on Reddit! Huge thank you to our community members who took the initiative to put the official anetaBTC Reddit together. anetaBTC Discord, Telegram, and Reddit are all community-run channels. Again, thank you to all those who continue to support our mission of empowering our community with decentralized tools. This would not be possible without you and your commitment to growing the community and protocol. Meet the Team and Technical Update

We are overjoyed with the community growth and engagement we have seen thus far.

Six members of our community have been kind enough to be admins, moderators, and community managers. They will help maintain our Discord, Telegram, and Reddit, as we believe these are the best platforms for involvement with our community in addition to Twitter. We are open to additional platforms if it is of community interest.

Last week, we announced that we were onboarding an additional five engineers. Today, we will highlight our engineering and research team and break down what both teams are currently pursuing.

anetaBTC has a total of ten engineers and researchers contributing to and developing the anetaBTC protocol.

There are two researchers, Willie and...

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