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Making NFTs with Plutus

Making NFTs with Plutus

Recently, the Cardano cryptocurrency project released their Alonzo version with support for smart contracts. Cardano is primarily built on Haskell and their smart contract system, Plutus, is as well.

Cardano is a large cryptocurrency project, currently the third-largest by market capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Beyond market capitalization, the project is possibly the most actively developed Haskell project. It is designed to compete with Ethereum’s smart contract abilities, but because Cardano uses Proof of Stake, instead of Proof of Work, it is more energy efficient and requires dramatically lower fees.

It is common for Ethereum smart contract transactions to cost over $60 dollars in fees. However, this has not stopped adoption of Ethereum, which has surged this year as NFTs have become more mainstream.

Cardano promises to do all the things Ethereum can do, but better and cheaper, and it uses Haskell. Ethereum uses Solidity, I don’t know Solidity, but with 12 years of Haskell I thought I would check it out.

As quickly discovered, there was little written on how to deploy an Plutus smart contract from start to finish. Hopefully, this blog post helps fill that gap.

Buy Ada

To actually deploy and interact with a Plutus smart contract, you need to create a transaction on the Cardano blockchain. This will require spending the native currency Ada. You don’t need a lot to play around with Plutus (actually you don’t need any to use the testnet … but how is that fun?). A few bucks in Ada will be enough.

The easiest way to buy Ada is with Coinbase. If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet, you’ll want to install the app and set one up. Have fun.

Install Nix

The first thing you are going to want to do is install the Nix package manager system.

You can do that with this command:

sh <(curl -L --daemon

If you have Nix installe...

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