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Look at me. I did this to you. "Remember me"

TRUST Pool committed to contribute to network decentralization by helping SPO...therefore from next epoch 218 we are launching the "Remember me" initiative campaign. How exactly are we going to do this...!! At the beginning of each epoch we are going to randomly chose a small pool (1-500k ADA delegated) and delegate a minimum of 1000 ADA to the selected pool. We don't ask for anything in return but in case the chosen pool will delegate anything back to TRUST Pool then that specific pool will be part of our trusted pools and will participate in our randomly selection once a month for a 10,000 ADA delegation. The delegation and number of pools selected will gradually increase as TRUST Pool is growing (we will have a system in place soon)...we believe in decentralization and of course we want you to grow with us. The 1,000 or 10,000 ADA delegated will stay with the chosen pool compounding the rewards for a minimum 1 year but not more than 18 months. If the chosen pool decides to retire the whole delegation will go to the next chosen pool. The selected pool will be announced in our [Telegram group]( so keep an eye at beginning of each epoch.
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