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Let's talk Proof of Stake

I'm relatively new to Cardano so maybe these discussions have been held years before, but as I am just starting to read the white papers I would like some additional discussion. And seeing that PoS is critical to Cardano, maybe this could benefit the community. (and maybe help to take some mind's off of hype for a second) First off, I know the K value for optimal saturation can change. Is there a maximum K value planned for, will there just be a point where we are 'decentralized enough' or is it forever growing? I know there are defenses against a 51% attack, but is there a way to break up a large minority? Yes, 49% isn't full control, but the larger the portion the harder for the community to control. Will there always be an opportunity for new stake pool operators? Once we are set on the number of stake pools, the only way I could see any new stake pools making it is by lowering their fees. Will there be other incentives? ​ Also, has anyone ever started a 'people's pool'? I would love to put my Ada towards a pledge of a pool that someone else operates for an additional payout. Or this could theoretically be a loan system that allows operators to increase their pledge amount while designators could increase their payout indefinitely or a pre-determined amount of time. ​ Prove your knowledge stake in Cardano! Hope this encourages thoughtful discussion about our foundation.
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