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Lest we forget why we love Cardano

Gini coefficient is the ratio or difference between the have and the have nots. Here is a small part of a post from wikipedia, The countries with the highest Gini coefficients are: 1. [South Africa]( \- 63.0 2. [Namibia]( \- 59.1 3. [Zambia]( \- 57.1 4. Sao Tome and Principe - 56.3 5. [Eswatini]( \- 54.6 6. [Mozambique]( \- 54.0 7. [Brazil]( \- 53.9 8. [Hong Kong]( \- 53.9 9. [Botswana]( \- 53.3 10. [Honduras]( \- 52.1 South [Africa]( is one of the world's most unequal countries, with a Gini coefficient of 63.0. In 2005, the Gini coefficient was even higher, at 65.0. In South Africa, the richest 10% hold 71% of the wealth, while the poorest 60% hold just 7% of the wealth. Additionally, more than half of South Africa's population, about 55.5%, live in poverty, earning less than $83 per month. ​ Currently Africa seems to have a disproportionate number of Countries with a high ratio, Charles is consistently reminding us of why we are concentrating a great deal of our resources to education in this region. As our ecosystem matures lets keep at the forefront just whats most important. Have a great day everyone!
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