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Keynote by Manuel C (IOHK) Plutus

Talk at the Fintech Symposium 2019.Speaker:Manuel Chakravarty, Blockchain Language Architect, IOHKAbstract:Functional programming and blockchains are a match made in heaven! The immutable and reproducible nature of distributed ledgers is mirrored in the semantic foundation of functional programming. Nevertheless, most existing blockchains favour an object-oriented, imperative approach to contract specification and execution, although it is widely understood that this style of programming comes with a range of safety and security pitfalls in the context of concurrent and distributed systems.In this talk, I will outline how IOHK’s Plutus team combines programming language theory, functional programming, and domain-specific languages to develop a radically new approach to blockchain contract development. This not only helps us to reason about safety and security, it also provides an integrated and flexible approach to smart contracts and decentralised applications that offers something to a broad range of users, from software developers to domain experts.

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