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Its all coming together now

Of course this is all speculation but it is worth considering February 20th - Elon Musk tweets this on the same day Cardano crosses $1 >Heard a rumor some crypto coin was pegging the dollar[不](,Face%20With%20Tears%20of%20Joy.)[不](,Face%20With%20Tears%20of%20Joy.) Most people just crossed this off as just Elon being Elon, but then the next day he changes his profile pic to a fork in the road, and his bio to "meta for k" in advance of the Goguen hard fork scheduled for next month. And then the man Charles himself tweets >In case you're wondering elonmusk is trolling Cardano. And yes we love you for it papa E Either Elon is working with Charles, OR he has become a well seasoned crypto expert EDIT: Under the purpose section on Cardano's website it mentions that "Cardano is a fork in the road"
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Mary confirmed for March 1st!!

WE'RE ON!! We can today confirm that the Mary #Cardano protocol update is now fully confirmed for March 1st.Another key milestone in the #Goguen rollout, the update introduces native tokens & mu...