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Isn't it nice....

Just want to say to all my fellow cardaniacs that doesn't it feel amazing to have such confidence in your crypto and its future and the future of your $ - that you can sleep so peaceful ay night knowing, despite all of the market craziness, our $ is in good hands with Cardano. There of course if in the world of crypto are no sure things or 100%s but Cardano is as close to one as I can see. Also, you guys have to check out []( This site is awesome. Still a work in progress and doesn't yet have the robustness that it will. It simply provides an unbiased analyses of all cryptos (though the number of cryptos they have on site is limited given its infancy) but it delves into the tangible and unbiased analysis of the crypto asset utilizing academic research and Artificial intelligence. It even classifies the Cryptos risk level. Kind of like S&P does A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, etc. Very cool and a niche product but definitely will add life to the crypto market by providing reliable, tangible, research based on fact - no emotion, no preferences. Quality Resources like this is what will give investors, and governance faith and provide the crypto space more credibility; this will help with all the market uncertainty regarding the oversight issues with this space. Adopting some of the guardrails from an infrastructure standpoint will only help provide some stability to crypto sphere while allowing the new generation help the "old fart whales" to see that the future is already hear - time to get on board. Ok....I'll set off my soap box now. Happy bargain hunting fellow cardaniacs.
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