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IOHK’s Atala: Everything You Need to Know About It. - Gerolamo

First, let’s clarify what it is. Atala is an enterprise blockchain framework which aims to provide financial services to millions of people living in developing countries like Ethiopia, Georgia, Mongolia,...

If you know Hyperledger Fabric, consider Atala nearly the same. Here are a few major differences:

In contrast with Hyperledger, IOHK is currently much more focused with Atala on governments in developing countries than on fortune 500 companies. This doesn’t mean that Atala itself can’t be used by enterprises. Atala has no smart contract framework, and a blockchain is not a must. While other “similar” frameworks are mostly focused on the blockchain side of things, Atala is also focused on cryptocurrency adoption. Atala products will leverage both permissioned and permissionless systems as required for the usecase. IOHK might also provide interoperability between systems if the usecase requires it, for example to support exchange of value between blockchain platforms.

Atala is providing interoperable DLT infrastructure to enable digital societies of the future. IOHK will help governments to be more agile and effective, empower citizens, enable digital economies, drive sustainable development etc…

The three initial components of Atala are:

Ledger Framework Data Framework Agreement Framework

It is important to note that these components are by no means the main components. The key pillars behind Atala are Identity, Payments and Supplychain.

The Ledger Framework allows the creation of ledgers. It has two built-in ledgers, one for assets and another one for identities.

The Data Framework is, like the Ledger Framework, simple to understand, because it simply allows the creation of data.

But what’s interesting in regards with the Data Framework, is that, the storage was not really the problem when creating it.

The problem was that you have to create data, without users participating in the creation of i...

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