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Initial cost of getting ADA is less important than what you do next

Sometimes people worry about things like how to buy into or expand their exposure to Cardano as cheaply as possible. Money is money, and spending less is more for your pocket. However, regarding how you plan to manage your ADA, if you are buying for the long term, initial pricing matters less than your location (a self-maintained wallet like Yoroi) and your strategy. Strategy is the biggest factor. Results will differ, but an example is that I put my investment into Cardano into my own pool because (a) all pools average 5% returns over time and (b) I am patient. Continuity and an *adjacent mission* were the most important things. The adjacent mission is providing a safe space to welcome people new to Cardano and especially those new to crypto into the fold. Some other parties will seek a hybrid approach, keeping their coin across various size pools to obtain rewards on different schedules (big pool more often but less, small pool less often but more), and some parties will just stick everything in a big pool so they can see the rewards ticking upwards each month. All of these are fine. As mentioned previously, continuity is probably the most important thing. You don’t want to be moving your ADA around often. It provides no benefit beyond prolonging your reward schedule with two exceptions: (1) moving to a pool that better fits your investment strategy (2) diversifying your pool placement as part of your strategy
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