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If you wonder about specific parts of Charles's AMA but can't find them, check this out.

So, I often found myself wanting to know in which of his videos Charles said a particular thing or talked about a particular topic, for myself or for reference. I watch all of his videos since his first interview with Datadash, but my memory is not that good. Also, sometimes watching him I felt what I was hearing was super cool and interesting, and I couldn't help but think many people would not listen to it because it was "buried" in a "long" AMA. So, I decided to make the typical channel with clips like Joe Rogan or The Cardano Effect have. I find those super interesting and useful, because I sometimes can't tell from the title of the video but there's something I care about in that particular video, and I don't watch all Joe's videos or TCE podcasts. So I made the channel, and I want to share it with you. I hope people find it interesting and helpful. I recommend to anyone to watch all videos that Charles does, even those not related to Cardano (with less emphasis on those if you con't care about the topics, maybe), but this is for people that either want to go back to particular bits, for themselves or for reference, or for those poeple that maybe can't watch all the videos and if they find a particular clip that they are interested in, they can watch more of that episode later. I'm not an expert on YouTube but I will try my best. I love editing videos of content that interests me and I want to collaborate doing something in this community. I finally though of something besides translating. =) This is the video that is so far getting more views without me sharing it anywhere. \- []( And this video I already shared here, but it was on my personal channel for a good 200 views, so I wanted to share it again for people that have not seen it. It is my favorite. \- []( I ...
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Tomorrow we are having a LIVE talk with Surya Saha, Risk Consultant,PhD BlockchainTech, Speaker & Author of Steering Comm. | Topic: Risk tolerance in Blockchain & how this can affect the adoption of the technology in the long term. | leave your questions below or join tomorrow and ask live!

Tomorrow we are having a LIVE talk with Surya Saha @surya_saha, Risk Consultant,PhD #BlockchainTech, Speaker & Author of Steering CommTopic: Risk tolerance in Blockchain & how this can affect ...