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ICO Using Cardano

Hey, fellow Cardano fans. I'm contemplating launching an ICO to raise funds for my startup and I would love to use the smart contract technology coming to Cardano to run this project. Here you go a little bit of what we are doing: We are fixing the outdated supply chain of ingredients among restaurants, distributors, and factories by **providing the simplest, most affordable way for restaurants to get their daily supplies.** We help restaurants **save on average 10% on their purchases** and save **them thousands of hours negotiating** with multiple distributors. The platform aggregates restaurants’ orders and invites dozens of distributors to place their bids in a reverse auction process. Restaurants save Food suppliers can sell more without new sales reps. The total amount of food being negotiated between restaurants and suppliers in Brazil is $20B every year and that amount is growing at 6% YoY. Our model charges restaurants a flat fee of $100 per month and 5% from the distributors. We successfully signed up 100 restaurants in the first month and 9 of the top distributors in Sao Paulo - Brazil. We are looking to achieve 2000 active restaurants within the next 24 months and bring it $3M in profit per year. To scale fast, we are looking to raise $3M. I would love to hear your comments about setting up an ICO and using Cardano tokens for this. Our website is []( and my Linkedin is [](
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Alonzo Blue Update 2

Update on how the Cardano AlonzoBlue testnet is goingMy Stake Pool Info:Web: https://BlueCheeseStakeHouse.comTelegram:
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Smart Contracts Coming to Cardano!

Smart Contracts Are Coming To Cardano In 90 days, according to Charles Hoskinson, appearing on Lex Fridman's podcast.
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The ADA Denial Curve

Cardano is getting a lot of hate from the BTC and ETH maximalist communities. That's actually a good thing and it's pretty easily mapped on a Cardano Denial ...