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I want to aquire the skills needed to run my own stakepool. Where should I start?

Hi everyone, Please excuse any language and spelling mistakes, I'm german, so english is not my native language. Regardless of this I will do my best to make this post understandable. I first looked into the Cardano project at the beginning of 2020, and fell in love with it's core values and ambitious goals immediately. My believe is that it will have a huge impact on the worldwide society in the future. I'm investing as much money as possible into ADA since last year, but now want to contribute in a more meaningful way to the progress of the network and learn more about it. So I started to think about creating my own stakepool together with my good friend and roommate. We're both 24 year old Mechanical/Automotive Engineering students with very limited coding skills and no network/server maintenance experience. We have already looked into some content about running a stakepool. At first glance it is a bit intimidating to be confronted with walls of code, but we like to think that we are not necessarily idiots and should probably be able to learn what is needed to run a Pool. So I guess my questions would be the following: \-Where do we start? Should we learn how to code? If so, which language? \-How should we try to gather the knowledge needed to run and maintain a server network successfully? \-Is it even possible to run a profitable Stakepool without millions of ada to pledge, and without a huge social media following to get stake? \-Is learning by doing a valid approach here? We think we could try and follow some Video and replicate what is being done, but suspect we will not be able to solve problems on the way without the underlying foundations... Also we would like to avoid mistakes that would cost us precious ADAs \-anything else we overlooked and should definately look into? I would greatly appreciate your Input. Please also note that I don't think of this as a way to get rich quick, but as a way to contribute to the amazing mission that this pr...
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