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I'm not an Art collector

I'm not going to lie. When I first got into Cardano I did not understand Blockchain tech or my country's monetary system. After months of research. I think I can hold my own in a pretty extensive discussion about Cardano and where I see this ecosystem going. I'm extremely excited about the tech and partnerships on Cardano but there is one part of all this that I just don't understand the hype. Non - fungible tokens particularly. I was never a collector of art, I never collected anything to be honest, but I found myself towards the beginning of my crypto journey obsessing over non- fungible token projects. I would skim the Cardano Kidz website and get excited about each series that was coming out. Then when it was time. I would choke. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't spend my hard earned money on a picture. I couldn't justify it, to myself or my wife. I thought to myself... Why was I so excited in the first place? I don't collect things? I've never collected shit in my life. What made me so excited about this art? Well as I thought about it, I've come to a conclusion. The truth is I don't understand the hype. I was more excited about the tech behind non- fungible tokens then I was about the actual picture. I see the value in its verifiability and how revolutionary that verifiability is. But I'm not an art collector. I never was, and I felt kinda stupid for acting like I cared to be one. I'm happy people are using the Cardano blockchain, but I realized something today. I just don't care as much as I thought I did about these current Non fungible tokens.
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