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I have some questions around Cardano, I'm new :) Hi!

I'm looking at the road map, and one thing that jumped out at me was the Voltaire phase. I can see that voting will become important to the governance of the network. Would this not be open to manipulation though? If a criteria to be a stakeholder is holding x amount of ADA then in theory I could spin up a few hundred containers with some scripts and deposit ADA into each and script my vote across the network. For anyone with enough of an investment, they could easily control the network? Or have I missed something?
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THIS is community! Then there were 12... we're delighted to add one more surprise project to the #ProjectCatalyst tally! Congrats to @adosiawolf & huge kudos to @PooltoolI @RealSaidov and team for sharing the additional $ADA to fund the SPOCRA stake pool guild plan. True #Cardano community

We appreciate the Kudos! Kyles project was right below ours in the rankings and by giving up a small amount of our reward we were able to get one more entire project funded. Money well spent!We are ...