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How we're scaling Cardano in 2022 - Summary

Source: []( ​ \- The Cardano project has always strived to solve the classic blockchain trilemma and pursued a clearly prepared roadmap. ​ \- On-chain solution * Increase in block size: The larger the block, the more transactions can be performed. Apply additional increments over time * Pipelining: Integrate validation and propagation to improve block propagation time * Input Guarantor: Improves block propagation time and throughput by allowing transactions to be split into blocks that have already been configured. * Plutus memory / CPU parameters: Make memory usage efficient throughout the chain * Plutus Script Improvements: Efficient use of the EUTXO model through smart contract optimization * Node Improvements: In Jan. 2022, Node 1.3.3 reduces the maximum load on epoch boundaries, etc. * On-disk storage: Stores part of the protocol state on disk, allowing the node to use less memory. ​ \- Off-chain solution * Sidechains: dcSpark's Milkomeda, IOG's Mamba * Hydra: Provides a more efficient means of processing off-chain transactions while using the main chain ledger as a secure payment layer * Off-chain computing: Transactions occur outside of the blockchain, but provide fast and inexpensive transactions through a trust model * Mithril: Maintains trust and improves chain synchronization
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Cardano's Winter of dApps

Welcome to dApp life Cardano. Okay, maybe not full on dApp life This is more like very congested dApp life. It's not unlike finally getting to go on a date ...
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Sundae rewards will be distributed by DripDropz

💧Please note rewards will not be coming out this evening, but we are excited to announce that we are working with our good friends @ContactDrip to expedite the process. 5/6— SundaeSwap Labs 🍨 (@Sund...