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How to keep Cardano the most decentralized network on the planet!

**Summary**.……..delegate to small independent pools instead of large multi pools, as simple as that. **The issue with delegating to a large pool** * By delegating to large multi pools you contribute to the centralization of the Cardano network. * Vice versa by delegating to small independent pools, you contribute to the decentralization of the Cardano network. **Why is decentralization important?** * Increases the value of the ADA network, thereby increasing the ADA price. * Makes the network stronger and more resilient to attacks. * Decreases regulatory scrutiny and government shutdown. **Why don’t delegators delegate to small independent pools?** 1. **They cannot find them.** It is very hard to find small independent pool using a Daedalus, most delegators only delegate to pools they see on the 1st row of the ranking marked in green. Just because a pool is red in or a low ranking does not make it a bad pool to stake with. 2. **Fear of getting lower rewards.** Delegating to a small independent pools gives the same lifetime return on stake. Small pools have a lower probability of minting blocks in any epoch however when they mint a block the rewards are shared out to a smaller number of delegates. Please see below example of how returns average out over epochs *e.g. hypothetical tickers! (n.b checked at time of writing no pools with these tickers).* **Small Independent Pool: TED** Over 5 epochs: 6%, 0%, 15%, 0%, 8% (Average = 5.8%) **Big Pool Farm: T800** Over 5 epochs: 5.1%, 5.4%, 5.9%, 5.1%, 5.5% (Average = 5.4%) **Conclusion & what can you do to help!** Delegate your ADA to a small independent pool today to help make Cardano even better! You will not lose rewards and you will help the value of ADA (win win!), you just might have to look a bit harder in Daedalus to find them. Hope this helps. Happy Staking! ​
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