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How can I get involved? Any ideas?

I love the Cardano community and the project mission. I am a HVAC mechanical engineer by trade with some programming experience. I’ve heard Charles talk about bringing Cardano to Ghana for his close friend he knows in a recent AMA. I would like to perhaps do something for my home country of the Philippines. What could be done? What is even available for this type of endeavor? What type of help does Cardano need? Do I make a DApp? Is anyone pursuing these things already? If I were willing to move to Colorado, do they have programs at the headquarters there? Do I learn a programming language and apply for a general job there? Any help or ideas welcome! I have learned a lot about the cryptocurrency, but don’t have much information on IOG or Cardano executive structure or opportunities. Happy HODLING TO ALL! Cheers 🥂
Go to self.cardano
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Mary confirmed for March 1st!!

WE'RE ON!! We can today confirm that the ‘Mary’ #Cardano protocol update is now fully confirmed for March 1st.Another key milestone in the #Goguen rollout, the update introduces native tokens & mu...