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Help recovering funds

EDIT UPDATE SOLVED! I was able to find back a backup copy I had with the Shelly passphrase and regain access. NOTE TO DEVS: If you ever need to make users upgrade again in the future and transfer funds, please make the user add the NEW wallet before they transfer funds to it! This way I don't just see 0 ADA when I start the app after the upgrade and become incredibly confused and scared. Current steps were: 1. Create Shelly but it is not added to Daedalus 2. Give you passphrase to write down 3. Send money to new wallet 4. Wait ages for blockchain to resync 5. See 0 ADA and freak out New steps would be: 1. Create shelly wallet and add it to Daedalus 2. Give you passphrase to write down 3. Show me in the app that I have TWO wallets now, the new one with 0 ADA and the old one with my balance 4. Tell me to transfer between them to use my ADA 5. Send funds between them - I won't freak out when they are gone! :-D =-=- Hello there, In January this year I opened my digital wallet again after some time and it told me I needed to update the wallet by downloading a new version of Daedelus and I had to transfer my funds from an old address to a new one. After waiting a very long time for the wallet to finally sync the block chain up (took many months cause I would not always have the wallet open) it finally loaded today and says I have zero ADA. It shows the funds were correctly transferred to the new address, but I don't know how I am supposed to access or map this new address? I can see the transaction it was sent to and from, so that all looks good. It only shows 1 transaction has ever happened to that address. The sum I sent was more than 2,000 ADA, so not a small amount. I'm really unclear now on how to recover or access my funds again? Can anyone help? It would be really sad to lose this much ADA. Thank you.
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