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Help me understand this release of smart contracts

Hi Guys, ​ So I am someone playing in BSC, and from here and there I always hear that ADA will soon release its own smart contracts. Please help me understand what I need to be ready for. ​ I guess I need ADA (currently staking on Binance so that's covered) If I understand correctly Cardano has its own chain, so I'll need a wallet that can support this. I assume metamask will be capable. I'm getting more and more familiar with reading solidity contracts and I understand a lot now. Is this going to be solidity too, or I'll need to learn it all over again? (though I assume even if it's something new it will be similar.) Can we expect something like pancakeswap emerge for ADA? Will this be better in terms of scams? (feels like 99/100 projects on BSC is a scam) ​ Hope it's ok to ask all these and you guys can help a newbie out. I'm excited about the smart contract release and hope ADA will do well in the long run.
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