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Get the most Advanced & Secured platform for Anonymous CARDANO Transaction

Any anonymous transaction can be used to commit criminal activities, privacy is still a basic human right, which shields citizens from government intervention into their life and an essential component for human freedom. Due to the increasing nature of pervasive techniques used by governments as well as corporations to unmask user privacy of citizens, it is crucial for general users to preserve the privacy and security of their personal information. Snowden revelations gave us an important lesson and made us understand the importance of privacy. For example a user who lives in a country where LGBTQ rights are notrespected can donate to a country or organization which supports LGBTQ rights without revealing his name or address and still live safely in his own country without any fear if he is using an anonymous transaction. By default all transactions made on all public blockchains are pseudonym in nature which means you can see the wallet a transaction is made but don't know who is the owner of that wallet. All transactions made on all blockchain is transparent and visible to the public from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Blockchain explorers will publish all transaction details. Even though this is the case there are some platforms where you can make anonymous and pseudonymous transactions on the public blockchains. SmashCash platform is one of the first private untraceable platform where users can make private and anonymous transactions. They claim the platform enable transactions which both are untraceable and unlinkable. SmashCash also makes the transaction unlinkeable which means a beholder cannot tell the relationship between an originated wallet and destination wallet. SmasahCash uses a technology called zK-Snarks short form for zero knowledge succing and non interactive arguments of knowledge. Zm-snarks is a pretty complicated algorithm as its name sounds like. But for our purpose just know that zk-snark enable...
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Big fan of his channel.

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