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full guide on everything about crypto, dapps, defi...

So i have been into crypto for about a year now, but still i don't understand half of the things people are speaking about. Im not super smart but not dumb to so idk if its just me or not :p I understand the basics on how crypto works proof of work/proof of stake/blockchain technology but when it comes to dapps and defi etc im just kinda lost. I try to understand it but its difficult. do any of you guys know a good guide or book or pdf where everything is explained step by step so i can get deeper into crypto? Thanks for the read!
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Oracles and Data Security - Part I

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Our first ERC-20 converter is now live on testnet!

OUT NOW: Our first ERC-20 converter is now live on testnet! @SingularityNet #AGIX tokens will be the first to take advantage of #Cardano's lower fees, higher transaction capacity, and enhanced securit...
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Cardano's Massive Concurrency

The forces of propaganda have led many to believe that Cardano (ADA) has a concurrency problem. It turns out the people saying those things are filthy, filth...