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Friendly reminder: be responsible

Prefacing this, I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice and I am not an analyst or expert. I really think cardano will grow very quickly, especially when the speculative whales come in, which may be at the 4-7$ mark. I think this because mainnet is near to fruition and when smart contracts launch for the public we might see a much greater interest now that the promised product has arrived after years of promises. This interest might be good if the contracts prove to be what they are promised to be or not if unforseen issues occur. That being said defi and crypto is still at its infancy as an industry, this can be good or bad, the bad being regulations and mass scrutiny by very, very powerful institutions has already started and will continue to mount as defi mediums become more adopted. There is also always the threat of attacks against the network like ethereum recently, or even more alarming is compromisation of exchanges where wallets get stolen, remember this because these risks are what any crypto investor takes on. This is just my opinion though and everyone needs to understand that crypto is a risk you take on yourself. We run the risk of losing a decent portion of our investment. Only buy what you can afford to lose, do your own research. Do not listen to hype trains or shill threads promoting cryptos. For all you know that person could have invested their life savings and are already down 5% for the day.
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