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fresh install of Daedalus not syncing to mainnet - DNS change solved this for me

Hi guys, I set up a new PC (Windows 10) and had a lot of trouble getting Daedalus (4.0.5) syncing with the mainnet. I tried a lot of things like * restarting the node * restarting the PC * restarting the router * checking if Daedalus is blocked in the windows firewall * Uninstalling Daedalus (including all connected folders) and reinstalling * Waiting (multiple hours, but nothing changed) * contacting IOHK Nothing helped, I still got no connection to the mainnet. Everything else was fine (Cardano node was responding, cardano node time was correct, system time was in sync). **Finally I got it running by changing my DNS.** When setting up my network I gave my PC a static IP, but I didnt do anything in the DNS section of my ethernet connections. In the TCP/IPv4 I only set the numbers for IP, Subnet and Gateway but left the DNS field blank, since I had no idea what to put there. Everything else worked (browsing, gaming, etc) so I didnt think this could be a problem. After the problem with the syncing persisted I changed the DNS server to []( and two seconds later Daedalus started syncing. Maybe this will help someone in the future, I was really desperate and it gave me a massive headache for a few hours.
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