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Freelance programmer, now accepting ADA for jobs :)

Hi fellow Cardanians! Since I saw a lot of business owners on here now accepting ADA, I want to be part of this (and in the meantime acquire some more ADA myself) by carrying out some freelance programming tasks. I'm a professional software developer/data scientist with about 5 years of experience. In the past I have created websites, apps, ... as well as enterprise data pipelines and desktop programs. Most of my experience is in Java, C# and Python, but it is definitely not limited to this. In one of my more recent private projects I'm creating a Flutter app for example along with a full containerised back-end. If you have a project you'd like assistance with, even if it's just getting advice on some idea you have, feel free to contact me! We can discuss pricing together and I won't charge extra for time needed to possibly learn new things (given that I think they are actually useful to learn). I provide regular feedback on progress and have never missed a deadline, unless it was out of my control (in this case I will report this as early as possible)
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