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Forge Stakepool [FRG] - 3% pool

Hi guys, just wanted to take some time to shamelessly plug FRG stakepool. We offer 3% pool fees and high uptimes (thanks v0.8.9). We're a pretty small pool with most of the stake (+90% of stake) coming from mine and u/whodey226's own ADA, so currently we're getting most of the rewards but we're hoping to share! Our pool has been up since the start of ITN, and we've navigated the ups and downs of the ITN. We've learned a lot from that experience and have built a robust software foundation for our pool. Given that we're a small pool, there's plenty of room for additional stakers and a higher opportunity for higher ROIs! Currently, we're producing about 1 block per 5 epoch, and we need about 1-2 mil ADA to produce 1 per epoch. We believe in full transparency and are dedicated to making FRG better, so we've made a telegram for you to join and chat with us, give us feedback, and monitor YOUR pool's performance in real time ([]( What are you waiting for? Come forge a new path with us at Forge Stakepool!
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