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Cardano And Ethereum Founder Analyzes The Newest Evolutions In Crypto And Blockchain Technology.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson Charles Hoskinson

By nature of his background as a mathematician by trade, as well as his history as one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is uniquely positioned to understand the importance and interplay between theory and application when it comes to blockchain development. Finding the right balance between these two disciplines is very difficult, yet critical to achieving mainstream adoption of crypto. Whichever blockchain solves this puzzle first will likely become the dominant platform in the years ahead.

That said, these topics can seem overwhelming to the crypto curious, as well as enthusiasts that have been involved in the industry for some time. Therefore, I connected with Hoskinson to have a substantive discussion on the theoretical underpinnings of crypto, consensus mechanisms, and distributed computing and explore how their evolution falls within the canonical history of mathematics and computer science. This interview is a bit technical, but he does a terrific job of breaking down complex topics into simple terms, often through the use of examples.

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Forbes: You’ve made a concerted effort to include academic and scientific rigor into the development of Cardano and crypto as a whole. Can you please explain the process?

Charles Hoskinson: We’ve published 102 papers over a three year period. A big part of those 102 papers was creating strong theoretical foundations for cryptocurrencies as a whole, not just for Cardano. For instance, we wrote a paper called GKL15, which has been cited more than 1,000 times, and it’s the canonical way of looking at what is blockchain. 

Another part of the portfolio is industrial research, where we said, “Okay, now that we have the theory, what can you do? Can you shard (partition) proof of work?...

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