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Exodus and Atomic wallet fans stop shilling the wallet and spreading false information! Verify if what's the wallet saying is true or not!!!!

I just cite a post in one of the most known subreddits in cryptocurrency which is r\cryptocurrency: "Exodus doesn't give you access to your real seed in NANO." Thus assuming that it works the same for cardano, which means that you don't own your real seed. I highly recommend following the official wallets for each coin you are interested in. In case of Cardano use daedalus for desktop devices and YOROI for mobile device. I personally don't trust Exodus. Convince me wrong please! I want to learn if I'm wrong. Ps. I know that exodus and Atomic offer the option of having all coins in one wallet and they are comfortable but it comes at the expense of not owning your real seed phrase. You might as well leave your coins in an exchange at this point! Link to the post:
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