Exchange staking vs Staking with Yoroi

self.cardano1m ago
Hey! Currently im staking with Yoroi and the APY is around 4%, and seeing as all the other pools were around that, I thought it was just the norm. However, when I went on Kucoin Earn, I saw that you can stake Cardano at 10% APY, so shouldn't I stake there instead? Besides no my keys not my coins, and the fact that its an exchange so its centralized, what else is stopping me from switching? Ive always thought that staking through native wallets would yield higher APY's when compared to exchanges as exchanges just help you to do the same thing but take a cut, but the APY in adapools are just lower than the ones on Kucoin, so I'm a bit confused. Sorry pretty new to staking, ada, and crypto in general so any guidance would be helpful!