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Cardano Node 1.23.0

This release is light on user-visible changes as the development has been focusing on preparations for the multi-asset features and on paying down technical debt. It does however include a number of performance improvements in the node, a few new CLI commands, and an improvement that will enable Daedalus to report stake pool saturation.

Note that this release will automatically perform a DB migration on the first startup after the update. The migration will take 10-20 minutes depending on your CPU. If this is a problem for your use, then see below for steps to mitigate this.

Deployed on the testnet on 21 September 2020. Deployed on the mainnet on 23 September 2020.

Steps to mitigate downtime for this update

This update includes a change in the format of a part of the chain DB (specifically the ledger state snapshots). The migration for this is handled automatically by the node on startup. The migration will take 10-20 minutes depending on your CPU.

To mitigate downtime:

Update a non-production mainnet node Take a DB snapshot Stop production node Backup and replace DB with snapshot Restart production node on 1.20.0 Repeat steps 3-5 for all production nodes

See #311 for example scripts of how this can be done.

New Features New CLI command convert-cardano-address-key for converting more legacy signing key formats (#1756, #1822) New CLI command create-genesis-key-delegation-certificate for creating genesis key delegation certificates (#1784) Improvements Adjusted the query used by the wallet to report pool stake to report it as a fraction of total stake rather than as a fraction of total supply, enabling it to be used to report pool saturation (#1836, #1850) Adjusted the same query to report pool size based on the live stake distribution rather than the stake distribution snapshot from the last epoch boundary snapshot, enabling its use in the wallet for live reporting of pool saturation (#1854) Introduced...
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