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ETH gas fees are too damn high, we need ADA to step in!

Gas fees for ETH is getting ridiculous days by days. Today it’s around 80usd per transaction. Imagine uploading an NFT in rarible and they ask you “Gas fees” for that price. It was 15 usd just last week and even that is damn high for a “fee”. So yeah I dont want to upload my digital art , costing that fee, while there’s no guarantee someone will actually buy my art. In comparison, i transfer thousands of ADA from binance to wallet for 1 ADA fee. Thats just one dollar. We need ADA as medium at Rarible and replace ETH to buy NFT as soon as possible!
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What is Cardano (ADA)? A beginner's guide

Cardano is a smart contract platform working by the principle of a decentralized world computer. ADA is a cryptocurrency native to Cardano.