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End game question ?

Let me start by saying that I am new to all of this and have immersed myself daily into the crypto world for the last 8 months and I have a question . As I watch Cardano move forward and meet each goal I have started to imagine how all of this plays out in the end . I keep hearing that the future is to replace the banking that we currently use . We all know that the existing banks are not going to just roll over and go away , as much as some of us might like that . As i understand , the worlds largest banks are basically running on Neanderthal infrastructure from the 1970's . If this is a fact , then I envision things a little differently and wonder how far we are from being able to provide the following : How far off , or how hard would it be to migrate all of say , Goldman Sachs banking , and have it run on top of the Cardano infrastructure . I think it's great that all of these potential applications are being developed for Cardano and apparently there are many applications that would like to move over from other networks and some of them may potentially become quite large . But , what if you could just bring one of the largest financial companies in the world into our network . I imagine if this could be pulled off , it would be end game for pretty much any other crypto network that considers itself competition to Cardano . I think there may be many benefits to having any of the worlds largest banks using our infrastructure . If I am wrong in seeing this as a potential future for the Cardano network , please let me know why ? I appreciate all of the input and thank you for your time , John
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