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ADA 1w looking to onboard Cardano

My name is Hash and I'm the product owner/ co-founder of []( Our mission is to build a decentralized cross chain platform for the token journey. Been an avid supporter of Cardano since the ITN (created the WTCHR pool but left it to build dxsale). My team has built a decentralized launchpad that provides crowdsales services but more importantly, automatically locks and provides liquidity & listing to Uniswap. This is all done through the DAO on the ethereum blockchain. Dapp can be found live on []( My proposal is to onboard cardano that will utilize the token creation, locking, liquidity providing and swapping. This will be an additional effort and will require estimated ~ 30k - 40k. We will also be looking to move natively to Cardano and provide cross services using Cardano as the main chain as we ramp up regardless of the vote. * Front End + Web3 js - 10k * Back End - Marlowe - 10k * PO - 10k [](
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