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Don't cryptocurrencies make it easier to launder money?

Not cardano-specific, but asking here because the community is great and non-maxi. I hear a lot of crypto people argue that fiat launders money more currently, therefore crypto doesn't significantly help. E.g. all the new panama papers stuff. I don't understand this argument - it's easier to launder with crypto. So if/when everyone switches over from fiat to crypto, won't there be more money laundered than in fiat? What am I missing here? Edit: Not sure why I got downvoted. It's a genuine and imo good question. Isn't it obvious that if money laundering is easier and more accessible (cut out the middleman of banks, use mixers instead) then there will be even more money laundering? I'm hoping someone shows me something I haven't considered, is all. Just to be clear: on balance, crypto is still far better than what we currently have, even if money laundering increases. But we should have our eyes open about the cons, not just the pros.
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